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A small country, with great possibilities!

Tunisia is a unique small country with infinite possibilities. A hidden gem! Due to it’s diversity and climate, Tunisia is the perfect place to make a success of any business trip or company event.

The beaches: Along the north and east coasts, many of the most wild and splendid beaches and exclusive spots in North Africa can be found. Through Bizerte, Tunis, Hammamet, Kelibia, and down to Mahdia and Djerba, there is so much magic to unfold!

Gates of the desert: The south of Tunisia has been chosen to film Star Wars, The English Patient, among other movies and famous music festivals. Just jump on a pick-up (or a camel) and be ready for a moment out of time.

History & Civilizations: Berbers, Numidians, Phoenicians, Romans, Carthaginians, Ottomans… They all understood the importance of Tunisia as a strategic spot and a great place to call home. Until today, hundreds of places and monuments still testify to their love of the land and major projects, making of Tunisia the beating heart of their respective civilizations.

People & Culture: With such a diverse history and multiple influences, Tunisia has become home for one-of-a-kind mindset and cultural expression. Mosaics, ceramics, literature, music and dance are rooted in every Tunisian region. The new generation -as welcoming and generous as our ancestors- is keeping and treasuring every lore, and continuously revisiting it and taking it to a new level.





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Partnership of Impressive Tunisia and BCD meeting and events: A new perspective

Impressive Tunisia celebrates a new partnership with BCD Meetings & Events, based on the common quality standards that we value in all our event projects. For years, our event agency has been strengthening its strategic business alliances to achieve closer proximity and better services to its international clients. We initiated partnerships with leaders of the

The 56th edition of the Carthage International Festival: the big comeback

Carthage International Festival, the most awaited event by the public, is making a big comeback after two years of absence due to the COVID pandemic. From July 14 to August 20, the stage of the Roman theater will host plenty of artists. Considered as one of the most important Arab and international festivals, the annual

The International Festival of Hammamet 2022: the original edition

For more than fifty years, the international festival of Hammamet is perceived as one of the most prestigious cultural events in Tunisia. With 1100 seating capacity, the open-air theater is a few steps from the beach with a pleasant view on the sea. The theater of Hammamet is a great tourist attraction thanks to its

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