Missions & Values

Missions & Values


The values of IMPRESSIVE TUNISIA (KYRANIS TRAVEL event brand) are based on universal fundamental values. These values shared by our teams and our stakeholders are quite central to our quality system. These pillars express our vision of events and are omnipresent throughout our daily actions.

In fact, the sustainable development of the planet is crucial. Consequently, the sites on which we operate represent our raison d’être. We also think that the well-being of our partners will definetely impact our work. Thus, KYRANIS TRAVEL and its event brand IMPRESSIVE TUNISIA have decided to engage in a process of continuous improvement, with a persistent emphasis on the requirements of sustainable development.

We concretize our ambitions every day by managing in a remarkable manner the sites that we operate on to make the events of our clients a huge success.

To achieve this objective, our internal code of conduct is supplemented by the procedures required for certification regarding our multiple activities (ISO 9001) and its compliance, in particular, with the regulations and standards of the responsible management system applied to events.

Our axes are oriented towards social, environmental and ethical issues.

Ethics is not just a legal issue. It plays a key role in our values. We aspire to develop a common culture between the Impressive Tunisia team, and those of our partners.

We make the following e-mail address available to our internal and external stakeholders : ethique@impressivetunisia.com in order to ensure the disclosure of any corruption attempts..

The transparency of our procedures and our commitment to the respect for privacy are the main assets of our organization.